60 Days to Go From Reactive To Responsive As You Tune Into Your Body & Master How To Quickly Snap Out Of Stress And Into Alignment As You Regulate Your Nervous System

30 Days to Go From Reactive

To Responsive As You Tune

Into Your Body & Master

How To Quickly Snap Out

Of Stress And Into Alignment

As You Regulate Your

Nervous System

Let's be honest for a moment...

• Despite the fact that you are successful on the outside, inside you can’t help but feel like you are disconnected and you are ready to feel happy and aligned

• Even though you seem to have it all figured out, the truth is that you are constantly triggered by outside circumstances - and it derails you from your goals and vision

• You are ready to start playing bigger and want to take full command of your life and create an even more extraordinary life where you feel aligned and excited for each day

• You are craving mentorship and a roadmap that will allow you to actually be vulnerable and honest with your desires (without feeling shame)

• You recognize that stress has taken over a lot of the decisions you make in your day-to-day, and slowly, and you find yourself drifting away from people who matter to you the most and want deeper and more fulfilling connections

The answer is in your nervous system

This is what keeps telling your body, every millisecond, whether you are 'safe' or not. And since we constantly experience stress in one way or another, our nervous system is working extra hard to protect us.

This means, that our brains and bodies are making split second decisions and reacting based on whether the “protection” or the “connection” systems are turned on. 

But sometimes, that signaling system gets stuck operating as if there's a threat (even when it's not really the case).

Nervous system regulation is the key to restoring the safety detector in our bodies.

Trust me, I get you

As a high-achiever, I know what it's like being on go-go-go mode, always craving to get to the next step of the ladder and have more, do more, give more.

This same way of being is what took me to Ivy League, Harvard and MIT. But what I realized is that with an unregulated nervous system, any trigger, comment, obstacle would spiral me down a rabbit hole of internal chaos and stress. I couldn't think and make smart, fast decisions when I was too worried about meeting expectations and being a perfectionist all the time.

This is why I decided to go deep into learning about how the human mind works and how early attachment affects our ways of reacting. Instead of regulating our reactions, we turn to fight - flight - freeze - fawn - fragment responses. These come as a result of us following pre-programmed thoughts, actions and patterns that we continue to repeat as our life goes on.

Instead, we need to heal our deep-rotted programming so that we can quickly snap out of stress and step into flow.

Introducing From Reactive To Responsive

A 60-Day Program Helping busy, successful, deep thinkers Tune Into Their Bodies, Regulate Their Nervous System and Sustainably Master the art of flowing between structure and spontaneity, going from being reactive, to being responsive and savor deeper connection.

Program Breakdown

Early attachment matters. Not in a “blaming parents” way or “worshipping parents” way, but in a neuro-scientific, deeper and more “implicit” way. 

When you were in-utero, you “attached”, connected and felt safe through your body, specifically movement. We help you integrate and rewire early patterns so that your body can feel safe at a pre-verbal level. 

This means lesser startling with triggers and slowing down the reactions in real-time, organically. 

Is it a little weird how we know that most of our reactions and patterns in life are implicit, and being driven by this brilliant sophisticated hardware in the brain and the body and yet we don’t really pay attention to it?

We will use Polyvagal theory and Practice to start bringing conscious awareness to autonomic  implicit nervous system states.

This is the step that helps you differentiate between protection responses and connection responses, other words, bring awareness to when your body detects safety and threat and what shifts you from one state to another, beyond the narrative, cognitive stories.

This allows us to deeply shift the narrative and feel into our choices in real time.

The protection and connection systems are designed to work in tandem with each other, and to belong, we need to feel connected. And then, to feel connected, we need our safety detector to detect safety, reliably and accurately.

We will use the safe-and-sound protocol-based program along with my expertise in somatic experiencing and polyvagal theory, to ensure that your nervous system can co-regulate and find safety while tuning the vagal brake to be more responsive. 

This resets the nervous system to bring the ventral vagal or safety or social engagement systems back online, and more importantly, restore the functioning of the safety detector so we can fluidly move between protection and connection accurately in response to external or internal stimuli. 

Trauma is defined as anything that was too much, too soon, too little - anything that underwhelmed or overwhelmed the nervous system so the body’s self-protective responses took over, and by helping the sometimes incomplete responses have a chance to complete in the safety of the present, we restore optimal nervous system functioning.

We do this through noticing and working with sensations, images, behavior, affect (emotions) and movement. 

This means, you will notice the overwhelm or underwhelm before it happens so that you can respond to it, rather than cognitively noticing it after it has happened and you have reacted to it, thus reinforcing the shame-shutdown spirals. 

This last step builds coherence and integrates your view of your self, and it's where you begin to hold your own self with tenderness and begin to exercise choices around behaviors and actions, armed and equipped with all of the work as well as tools and knowledge built in the previous steps.

This step is the one that sets you up for sustained long-term changes. 

What's Included

1:1 ANS





I believe that deep trauma healing work can happen faster & more effectively in a personalized setting. This is why this program is set as an intentional, personalized process. Our pre-recorded videos will serve to support and bolster you and our team is always around to provide 1:1 Whatsapp Support as you navigate through the process.

What this means:

You will learn to slow down and savor your successes rather than rushing through to the next milestone

You will learn to develop an accurate perception of yourself, which is in line with how the world sees you 

You will learn to deal with the “not good enough” voice and fall in love with the authentic, real you

 You will learn how to remove your inner critic that hinders achieving higher goals and dreams

You will experience greater trust in letting go, being in the moment and experiencing emotional & sexual intimacy

You learn to stay present in your body while accessing your inner resources to stay in your Truth

You will learn how to differentiate between trauma responses vs gut instinct/intuition and operate from a responsive state

You will develop unshakeable confidence, self-worth and self-love as you increase your resilience and self-compassion

You will develop a newfound perspective around your baggage and learn how to harness your past and turn it into your light

What's next:

Your Story Matters






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