Reclaiming Life and Success Through Nervous System Restoration

Reclaiming Life and Success Through Nervous System Restoration

January 02, 20241 min read

I hadn’t taken a day off in over 9 months.

I lived out of suitcases, worked 18-hour days, and didn’t rest.

Even though this way of living was obviously not sustainable…

I found it impossible to completely disconnect or consider I was burnt out.

(I even ignored the BIG sign of canceling a plane ticket to my friend's wedding!)

My life was unmanageable and running on autopilot.

I would crawl straight into bed after work, stop calling my friends, and completely ignore my personal life.

It would be years before I discovered the tools and knowledge to heal my nervous system and bring me back to life from extreme burnout.

But once I did…

• Found a partner
• Got married
• Gave birth to 2 healthy daughters
• Created India’s first online birth coaching program
• Pivoted to my own successful international therapy & coaching business

Now I guide high-achieving South Asian women on this same journey of healing in my coaching practice.

Investing in your nervous system and well-being is the ONLY (lasting) way to sustainable career and life success.

Everything else is just a Band-Aid.

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Sangheetha Parthasarathy

CEO, Sangparth |Neuroscience| MIT-Harvard Med School Innovation Bootcamp | Ex-Accenture | Top 100 Global HC leaders | Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

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