The Feminine rage

Internalized patriarchy often turns women against one another.

This results in women weaponizing anything to shame, blame and ultimately control other women in order to protect their place in the hierarchy.

What might be some of those weapons we use against one another?

An ability to repress and control our emotions – especially anger.

Women throw around the ability to mask, act, and suppress uncomfortable emotions, specifically anger, as a key skill as if it defines womanhood.

“Ponnu na porumai venum.”

Translation: The hallmark of a woman is patience.

Female anger is suppressed. It is almost anti-feminine to be angry, or worse still, act on it.

Patience and virtue – a virtue-signaling form of weapon that women routinely use against one another.

Patience or Suppression though?

Here is the thing.

Feminine rage is NOT the same as anger.

Feminine rage is not a female expressing anger.

Feminine rage is a biological, body-based response – it is embodied, it is naked, it is primal, and cellular response to things that are wrong in the world. That somethings are JUST NOT OK.

Feminine rage is powerful.

Feminine rage is all-consuming.

Feminine rage has moved worlds.

Feminine rage is seismic.

Sometimes it is eloquent rage – It expresses itself in beauteous ferocity.

Sometimes it is sacred – It can co-opt mother nature and destroy cities, Like Kannagi’s rage that destroyed Madurai.

It is murderous like Mother Kali - destroying evil and parading around skull garlands for a universe to witness.

It is naked and irreverent - decapitating heads while dancing with snakes on her head as Medusa reimagined.

It is creative – at the same time, a playful sense of dance as new worlds get created, from deep wisdom from the womb that created each of our bodies, male and female.

Feminine rage is centripetal. It churns the fat juicy stuff together, drawing it powerfully inside.

Feminine rage is centrifugal, throwing mercilessly and without warning, the toxic.

Feminine rage is utterly active, and yet, finds rhythm in the varied pacing.

Feminine rage is potent, it is otherworldly, it is all that we know and all that we think we don’t know, it amplifies your ancestor’s voices.

Feminine rage knows no civility, and yet has enough tone in the body to sustain the discomfort, to stay with it until it can be seen, and as it is seen.

Feminine rage is persistent – It is the great tidal wave and deluge dismantling mountains and it is also the flow, meandering around and creating new lives around it.

Feminine rage is thunderous. You cannot miss it, from a thousand miles away.

Feminine rage is seductive – it's what inspires awe in humanity, the allure of completely surrendering control to the enormity of it all.

Feminine rage is divine – it is felt in both the male, female, and all other forms.

It destroys, it creates, it heals and it flows.

Here is to the power that is our feminine rage, may we find it, may we stay with it, and may we let it change the world.

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