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TL; DR : Starting January 2023 I am only offering two programs, one for nervous system foundation regulation and the other for advanced healing. Both for people who have already invested in inner work and want to go deep. The first level costs 1000-1500 USD. The advanced level is priced at 5000 to 6000 USD. We are closing down Browngram club, 1:1 therapy and small group workshops. These two programs are the only way to work with me. If interested scroll all the way down and book a 15-minute call with me.

Dear Maya's Amma's Community,

First of all, thank you so much for the love, support, and unconditional trust you have shown in me over the past years. I am honored to be a trusted affiliate with Maya's Amma and thank you for every like, share, comment and heartfelt wish of love you have sent me and my family over the past years, I am truly humbled. What Swathi is creating with her community and her trusted affiliates is truly remarkable and so much needed, especially in today's world.

As I reflect on what has built your trust in me, I realize that it is one core value I hold very dearly - communicating honestly and authentically, and ahead of time. So keeping in line with that, it is only befitting that I share this update for the very first time in this community.

Over the past five or so years, I have journeyed first as "worldoula" - in the birthing and parenting space and very organically, to becoming a trauma and nervous system professional (expert ?? I have mixed feeling about this word) It is safe to say that my practice pretty much took off only after the "Good Girls, Bad Births" live I did with Swathi.

What followed was a series of lives on various topics - patriarchy, mother wounds, boundaries, what a ride it has been! And I am super grateful to Swathi for seeing and staying with me and amplifying my voice - just like many of you, I used to be terrified of posting my face on IG, or my voice and now after 3+ years the IG account has grown to 25k plus members. In these years I have also journeyed deep into somatic trauma healing.

Trauma and nervous system is the latest buzzword - and anyone can call themselves a somatic practitioner after attending a day's worth of online video workshop.

I am a person who is a learn-it-all - and I love learning and I love going deep, so I choose the dive-into-the-deep-end route. As a personal value , its that investment that helps me feel competent to practice. I am also a firm believer in neuroscience and evidence-based ways of healing , that does not need to mean masculine and oppressive, it can mean safety and heart-led nourishment, those are not either or.

I believe professional programs create the required level of rigor and safety and supervisory mechanisms that is absolutely key when one is dealing with overwhelmed nervous system, I think of somatic work like precision brain surgery, it requires that level of commitment, competence and finesse to work with the client's nervous system.

That is why I have invested the past 5-6 years of my life years learning neuroscience and trauma and becoming a somatic experiencing practitioner.

In addition, I also have certifications in attachment, neurosensory sequencing, neuromotor and touch work, parts work, neurodivergence, family systems (intergenerational trauma, popularly known as inner child healing), shame healing, and systemic and collective trauma affecting relational intimacy, and created a new paradigm shift in trauma healing.

I have seen clients for 1:1 somatic healing, run group workshops and also created Browngram club, south Asia's first community specifically for the deep talk/deep thinkers - sitting at the intersection of CPTSD/ADHD.

All of these certifications, programs, and mentorship require time, money, and effort. The certification is not a piece of paper - it is actually slowing down enough, so the work gets embodied and integrated into every part of your life. It is finding and staying with mentorships and supervision, and committing to offering a well-healed nervous system to my clients, it is endless hours of practice, fine-tuning, building nuance, precision and safety.

I have invested in myself pretty heavily over this time too - in terms of personal healing, early birth healing, and coaching and mentorship for my business to find alignment. Starting January 1st, 2023,

  1. I am streamlining my offerings, in order to be more impactful.

  2. I have spent the time from June of this year creating a world-class framework in trauma healing, roping in global practitioners as well as my areas of specialty to create a two-tier program

  3. Moving forward I will only be seeing 1:1 clients within this container, and not outside of it.

  4. We are closing down Browngram club as of December 31st.

What I am offering from January 1st, 2023 instead is a foundational nervous system regulation program.

Anyone who wants somatic healing should start here, because when you try and get into your deepest triggers and trauma without actually building nervous system capacity and regulation, you end up re-traumatizing the body. And a huge part of attachment trauma, interpersonal trauma (known in pop-culture as inner child healing) comes from implicit memories - the part of our nervous system that formed before we could talk, also known as developmental trauma.

So in this nervous system regulation foundation program we will work with remote touch as well as some gentle movement, facilitated by experts in primitive reflex integration and re-sequencing neuromotor processes from in-utero and infancy and then will offer a mentored co-regulation program, followed by Dr. Steven Porges's "Safe and Sound" protocol - an auditory listening program that works with your vagus nerve and creates more regulation and capacity. I have created this program in by working with and bringing in experts with more than 30 years of experience in various nervous system aspects.

When our nervous systems shift from being in the "protection" mode all the time to "connection" mode, big shifts are seen.

Me and my team will also work with you to get to to become a world class "pattern detective" - connecting the dots of your life and developing a deep understanding of your own emotions as well as in your interpersonal relationships like never before, this is the "mind-blown" experience that many of you have reported after listening to the IG lives, on steroids.

We are at the end of the pilot phase of this program and clients have seen big shifts in relational intimacy with their partner, gentler parenting, healing from shame, more focus, less procrastination, better sleep, a big reduction in autoimmune conditions, and pain, restarted car/bike driving and learnt swimming/floating without fear, no more fear of penetrative sex, ability to listen to the body's hunger and fullness cues so change in binge-eating patterns and so many more shifts in healing CPTSD - Complex post traumatic stress, including healing from narcissistic abuse.

The investment for this foundation programme is between 1000 and 1500 US Dollars.

After this part, we have a three-part advanced container focused on

- Eating/body image/movement

- Relationships - dating, marriage, parenting

- Leadership - career/entrepreneurship/community building/change making.

The healing framework approach in this advanced program is three pronged - one is nervous system regulation, the other is somatic trauma healing, and the third is systemic healing - collective power wounds and healing from it.

This part will include the nervous system regulation program as well as more 1:1 sessions with me and various experts in deeper levels of healing, and this container is an investment of 5000 to 6000 US Dollars.

These two programs are ideally for truth seekers and deep thinkers, and have already invested in therapy, healing, workshops, and retreats and feel like there are some key parts missing and that they are surface level and have a deep desire to do deeper and are ready for it, not someone who is at the early stages of their inner journey.

Personally, this shift also allows me to work intentionally with a much smaller number of people, thereby allowing me to practice what I preach in my personal life - in terms of orienting to rest, pleasure and having a relationship with autonomy that feels nourishing, and hopefully, model what it is like to hustle a little less, and have the mind and body space to heal intergenerational trauma patterns for myself and our family.

While I will continue to be based out of Chennai, I will also be spending a bit more time in London and SF in 2023 for in-person retreats/workshops and in global conferences.

If you want to find if this program is right for you, please click on this link and book a free 15 minute call with me.

In the meanwhile, for your on-going therapy work, here is list of people I trust in this space, for you to reach out to, for your therapy work.

  1. Psychiatry - Shaditya hospitals, Pallavaram -

  2. Clinical psychologist - Kanagalakshmi CP -

  3. Young adults - Ulavisai -

  4. ADHD/Counseling - Chandrasekar -

  5. Psychotherapist - Sanjana Prasad - / I hope this is helpful.

If you are looking for somatic practitioners I recommend Divya Deswal -

Or Effath Yasmin.

I am still on IG, still going to continue causing discomfort to Patriarchy, I will continue the truth bombs and the same or more level of badassery that you all love and know to expect from sang_parth. No word mincing,

Nothing changes on that front, and looking forward to staying connected with you on IG.

If you are ready for deep shifts and want to work together on any of these programs, you can DM or reach me on for an initial conversation.

Thank you for all the love and trust.

In healing,


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