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Navaratri: A nine-day festival where women gated communities in India come together to do extra cooking, cleaning and fasting and getting their children dancing, singing chanting, and dressing up so the men in gated communities can feel good about celebrating the divine feminine through sitting, eating and viewing cultural activities.

Because periods are impure, and the divine feminine is sacred. And period blood taints the female Gods and brings misfortune to worshippers.

And menstruating women cooking and offering food to inanimate statues will taint the house and bring misfortune to everyone and is rather inconvenient to Patriarchy who needs these women "pure" these 9 days so they can save extra time in the kitchen to appease the female Gods.

And when you do this time, you have bestowed the privilege of dressing up like dolls and said statues to the outside world, and the men can claim to celebrate the divine feminine.

And the men and women in the house were born how exactly?

And the more upscale and multicultural the bubble is, the more effort women put into a said charade. And the men are gathered around the clubhouse swimming pool drinking/eating or watching cricket, discussing who's car (or dick) is bigger than the other while women feel so happy that they could do extra slaving and fasting and extra hours setting up dolls, organizing cultural activities for children so they can feel "cultured". It's all about the divine feminine ya!

Here's an idea you fuckwits, how about you start with celebrating the actual female in the house? Take over the house, the rituals, the kids, the kitchen for nine days? What? The female Gods will spite you because you will get all the "punyam" (blessings) only if the females in your house do this? Man-made rules serving men in the name of religion? Who would have thought!

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