Is it safe to be successful?

What does success mean?

Is it safe to want to be successful?

Is it safe to be/want to be as or more "successful" than your partner? What about your siblings? Or maybe your parents ?

What does success mean - is it synonymous with greed, ambition?

What are your ideas around suffering? Is it the opposite of success? Are people who suffer "good" people, who God loves?

One of the stories I heard, growing up, was about Kunti. Apparently, Krishna asked Kunti "I will grant you whatever you wish for, what do you want ?".

She apparently said, " I wish for more suffering because if I perennially suffer, I will always think of you".

This story was a part of a larger narrative around how "good" or pious people are always tested by God and suffering is the only way to reach God.

The unsaid corollary to this is that the idea of experiencing ease, or pleasure is forbidden.

And the story of victimhood, and perpetual sorrow and suffering, is seductive and appealing.

It is based on the idea that there is only a finite amount of money/power/pleasure/agency/ease to go around, so if someone is successful, they are taking something away from you. Therefore they are the perpetrator.

This narrative also comes with permission sometimes - permission to absolve this victim's identity of all accountability and agency. And then we can get stuck and blame-shame patterns in all areas of life.

How does this pattern play into your life today? Is it safe to heal? Is it safe to grow as a person? Is it safe to evolve? Are you allowed to feel healing, are you allowed to

"suffer less" ?

Do you automatically become "them" when you have agency? Are you going to be left out of the "suffers tribe" as you regain your sense of self? Is there a difference between intense/hard work vs suffering in your life?

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