Innocent mother?

This post is problematic. And very sad. It's being shared by a generation of spoilt, privileged young adults who put this kind of "motherhood = sacrifice" on a pedestal.

A child is innocent, an adult is not. Why do we feel the need to constantly either infantilize women or put them on a pedestal? Do you see women, mothers in their forties and fifties do the baby talk and act cute? That's a finely honed fawn response, often the only option to a thwarted healthy self-defense. And sometimes it's to play the victim and avoid taking any accountability for their behavior.

Neither a trauma response nor manipulative behavior needs to be put on a pedestal.

And as to her not having needs? Well, that's sad, isn't it? What's there to be proud of? And for her not knowing her birthday? Well, that's because she did not count, no one wanted a girl child, they did not care. Why are you "proud" of the abuse she faced? Get off your ass and celebrate her instead of sharing misogynistic memes and getting brownie points for being "so caring about his mother". And ladies - why are you celebrating this nonsense instead of calling it out? If you think your guy is "caring" and "has emotions" because he shared this, that's even sadder. Wake up and smell the abuse-worshipping.

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