13 Reasons Why ...... (you may struggle to engage with ADHD/Trauma/Shame Content)

Anything I say and do will be used against me, so I am really scared of giving “them” more ammunition with labels.

There wasn't a lot of information available about neurodivergence growing up, or trauma for that matter. Some of us may have been "blamed" for being too much, or not enough, or both. We may also have adults in the present time projecting on us. But here is what I know - you are not broken, your brain works in all sorts of amazing ways that a neurotypical brain does not and it is possible to lead a fulfilling life more in line with harnessing it's power. Also, you do not owe anyone this information.

I am finding things hard because of dysfunctional people around me, it is not fair that I need to work on myself and they get to go Scott-free.

Do I need a diagnosis now? What if Meds fuck up my brain? I am scared.

I have somehow figured out a way to “hide” my disorganization in the workplace to exist and survive, why shake all that up now?

Oh no not one more thing that's wrong, broken, or “my fault” !!!

It is too overwhelming, tiring and exhausting and shame triggering, I have no energy left for any more “work”

That would mean my teachers and parents were right, I am just lazy/unmotivated going to amount to nothing, and feel like I am making up excuses.

My husband, parents, siblings, in-laws, and work people will judge me and make fun of me and call me mental, I will receive no understanding or empathy.

I will lose relationships

People will treat me like a “patient” and smother me.

I will lose my job/promotion.

I will be alone and friendless/partnerless.

What does all this mean? Am I a lost cause? Do I have hope?

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