Do you feel like you know everything about birth, but still have fear around pain? 

 Do sometimes feel a longing when you read positive birth stories online, or maybe a tinge of regret about your earlier birth experience?

Are you coming into this pregnancy with previous loss, miscarriage/fertility issues and are scared to have choices this time around?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all the content out there but feel worried when it comes to your own birth?

Are you tired of waiting and being waitlisted to get into a celebrity teacher's class, and then feeling insignificant in a large online, impersonal, expensive group with regurgitated and outdated content and no real-birth experience?

Do you want to prepare with an internationally renowned and experienced birth doula who offers personalized support?

Are you wondering, if you cannot go to a birth center, that birth preparation itself may be a bit useless?


Do you wish your partner could get over their fears and support you with courage in the birth room?

Are you busy, exhausted and depleted with the uncertainty today, and wish someone would just do all the heavy lifting for you, and break it down into practical, easy-to-learn preparation?


What to try MODULE 1 of the workshop?


WORLDOULA’S KGHYPNOBIRTHING is the one to choose. In this first module you will get :


- Pre-recorded content on how the mind-body works

- How to tap into the subconscious and what is stored there

- Why we cannot “think” our way out of fear of childbirth and pain, and what to do instead 

- Visualisations, meditations to unlearn fear at a subconscious level 

- Relearn and associate confidence in our bodies 

- Tools and Worksheets

- MANDALA ART colouring book for relaxations

- Downloadable mp3s to listen to every day before you go to sleep.