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Invite code: 535100

Welcome to the BrownGram Club.

The world needs more misfits and cycle breakers. Round pegs in square holes. Status-quo questioners. Recovering people pleasers. People committed to breaking intergenerational trauma patterns by mastering our nervous systems.

What is the Browngram club? 

Browngram Club is a safe space where individuals can feel seen, heard, and belong. We work with individuals that feel stuck in life, have "tried everything" and yet feel something is missing and that they are not able to shift out of patterns of stuckness.

This is not 1:1 therapy, this is healing in the community, which is very powerful in its own way, in addition to, or before you take the therapy step, or even without it. Come experience it for yourself.

What is LikeMinds? 

Likeminds is a mobile application platform to create vibrant and thriving communities. Browngram Club is hosted on this platform. It is available both in the Android and iOS versions.

Here are a few things that make our community special:

🤎 Access to weekly Listening Circles for deeper healing

🤎 Weekday Co-working sessions to beat procrastination and better focus

🤎 SAFE & SECURE discussion threads

🤎 Access to tool library for somatic healing

🤎 Exclusive discounts to events and workshops

What is your approval process like? 

We will ask you for some information, and then our team of moderations will review this and approve your membership, typically in under 6 hours.

I am scared about safety, privacy and want anonymity until I can feel safe, how can you guarantee that?

Likeminds DOES NOT share your email or phone number with anyone else - so no member can direct message you. We also have strict moderation policies in place. You can change your real name to an alias if that helps you share more freely. 

Can I direct message the admin team if I have anything personal to share?

Yes, you can. We monitor and reply to all messages in 2-3 days.

Join the BrownGram club today for somatic tools & tips, to feel seen, heard, and belong.  Start your healing journey here! 

Invite code: 535100