I'm Sangheetha Parthasarathy

Nervous System Therapist & Coach for

Deep Thinkers, unable-to-rest-ers,

round-pegs-in-square-holes, dreamers, 

pattern seekers, compulsive caretakers,

successful high-achievers, change makers

and visionaries

I'm Sangheetha Parthasarathy

Nervous System Therapist

& Coach for Deep Thinkers,



dreamers, pattern seekers,

compulsive caretakers,

successful high-achievers,

change makers

and visionaries

I help busy, successful, deep thinkers and feelers powerfully connect the dots of their own life and that of others through nervous system regulation, trauma healing and power wound transformation so that they can experience authenticity and deeper connection in the boardroom, bedroom and in parenthood. 

This is my story

Here are some things that are not surprising at all about me. I am a First-generation British-Asian, born and raised in India and educated and worked in the US. Went to BITS Pilani, then Masters in Computer Science, and then have executive certifications from UPenn and Entrepreneurship experiences at MIT/Harvard. 


This is box standard and bare minimum for someone like me, who grew up with a very strong value system around education and achievement, the immigrant dream and being the model minority.  At 33, I “had it all” - a supportive , also very successful partner who worked in investment banking, the house, the car , the two kids. I was a strategy consultant, regularly rubbing shoulders with the C-suite of global Fortune 500 companies.

Now for the part you don't know about me

The real, authentic me, that always knew that there was a life beyond meeting imposed expectations. While I achieved most things I set my heart to, the truth is that I still felt like something was missing in my life. My life felt mechanical, and somehow empty (despite the fact that I had it all).


When I became pregnant, things started changing for me. I kept on dreaming of what family life would be like, but I was also afraid of how I would be as a parent for my kids. The vision of my imaginary future kids sitting on a therapist’s couch and detailing all the ways in which my parenting had screwed them up, was too much to take. I did what I knew best, being a geek with a never ending appetite for lifelong learning, I started my quest to unlearn everything I knew about bonding and attachment.

Everything I had seen, heard, read about, or was explicitly taught was now up for debate. By facing my fears, I started on this deep quest - what I thought was initially to get over my fear of a natural birth (I did have two beautiful births as a result) shook me and took me on a transformative path to find my own truth, and I became a somatic experiencing practitioner with specific focus on attachment and power wounds.

When I went back to work after my births, my former life did not align with the “me” that I had met during my home birth - fearless, raw, authentic and vulnerable. I felt the need to fundamentally break intergenerational trauma patterns so I could show up differently for my daughters.

To do that, I had to “meet” my body. I learnt everything I could about our bodies - specifically our nervous systems, our fascia our bones, muscles - not as anatomical parts but this complex, interconnected and inextricably linked systems.

This took me on an incredible journey to find passion, profits and purpose - and that they are not mutually exclusive, I learnt that one of the most powerful tools we have to find systemic change in this post-pandemic, late-stage capitalistic world is to find our own authenticity at work and in personal life.

So I created my own paradigm shifts, to re-imagine coaching, bringing together nervous system regulation, power wounds transformation and trauma healing.

Credentials & Certifications

-MSc (Tech) BITS Pilani 2004

-Masters in Computer Science, University of Cincinnati 2007

-Social Impact Strategy Fellow, University of Pennsylvania 2016

-Healthcare Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Fellow, Harvard University & Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), 2018

Mental Health :

-Somatic Experiencing Practitioner 

-Dynamic Attachment Re-patterning (DARe with Diane Poole Heller) Levels 1 and 4 

-Trauma-Informed Stabilization Treatment, with Janina Fisher, level 1

-Embodied Recovery (eating disorders) with (Rachel Lewis Marlow and Paula Scalatoni) level 1

-Bodymind centering (with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen) level 1

-Sexual Trauma and healing, Pelvic trauma studies (With various practitioners and modalities)

-Birth Trauma Resolution Practitioner

-Pre-and perinatal trauma (mentorship and experiential work) 

-Healing Shame (With Bret and Sheila)Reclaiming freedom to grieve Pelvic health with dave berger Relational privilege and trauma with Akhilah Riley Richardson

Birth :

-Trained under Dr. Michel Odent, Birth Doula

-KGHypnobirthing Practitioner 

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Here's How We Do It:

Move past the perfectionism-procrastination cycle by becoming an expert in your own nervous system

Heal from the toxic effects of trauma and rebirth a new, confident self

Renegotiate systemic and collective trauma & redefine your relationship with power and pleasure

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